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Family Therapist Christiane van Heerden

We are here to help you maximise your God given potential!

That means offering you practical spiritual assistance in discerning your dreams, God's plans and your gifting,
and also working through all these life issues that hinder you from getting there.

We offer family and child counseling.

Our exciting marriage preparation course "10 Great Dates before you say I do"
helps courting couples to find out if they are indeed a "match made in heaven".

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A healthy lifestyle for your Divine Life

Many conditions of the soul originate from a wrong treatment of the body.
We also find that a lot of people go into a spiritual crisis due to sicknesses that God alledgedly "allowed", which most of the time are typical life style sicknesses. We can sit with you and analyse your daily habits and equip you with a nutrition and excercise plan to come back a stronger person.
God needs us to be healthy vessels to pour His spirit into.
He put a lot of remedies into creation, the cure for many problems is out there in nature.

If god supernaturally healed you, as we experience it in countless cases, you need to follow up that healing by switching to a healthier life style. Otherwise it is easy for the devil to convince you that God doesnt love you enough.
Ever been there?
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Playtherapy - a fun way to get behind issues

through different approaches on therapy we can get behind the issues your child displays, and will, without creating a stigma, help your child overcome negative patterns focussing on strenths and positive factors.