Mama Julian and her girls with groceries

"Go into all the nations".
We love to seize every opportunity to go and make a difference.
Mission begins right in front of our own doorstep.

Do you walk by the begging teenager with a baby on her back or do you stop and ask her if she has a place to sleep for the night?

Do you mind offering her your spare bed and a warm bath?

Showing the love of Christ in a practical way is a day to day challenge we must be brave enough to face.

We stop everything for the one who is in need - and we WILL ask you to bring that blanket, that packet of nappies or a home cooked meal!

The end goal is not to make people dependend on us for help but to enable them to take life back into their own hands.
We work hard to provide orphans with a permanent solution in their own community of origin to finish their education and to begin a fulfilled life.